donderdag 2 december 2010

Weekly morning routine

Now that I am home a lot more often I do all the groceries for the week ahead of us. I try to make some sort of weekly menu which saves me a lot of time and energy. We don't always stick to the menus, cuz I like being flexible when necessary.

This week we eat:

- Home made chicken soup
- Avocado/Potato/Rucola salad
- Chicory with ham and cheese and mashed potatoes
- Sprouts with home made meat balls
- Beets/Apple salad with fish
- Leek Pie with raisins and curry
- Stir fried vegetables with rice

Anyway: while doing the groceries I always go to the bakery and get a couple of loafs of bread. And one of these delicious 'tompouce' pastries. When I get home I make a latte to go with it and enjoy it in silence. Mmmm! Bon appetit!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Good lord. That Tompouce is making me want to lick the screen. That looks so gezellig. Number 2 on our list of things to do next time we get together (after going to HEMA) will be EAT TOMPOUCE. xo J

  2. Yes!!! And after that we go and visit the Cora Kemperman store! Still have very fond memories of our last time we did that! x, Miss M.