donderdag 2 december 2010


I love those minimalistic, Japanese interiors. I also love Design Sponge, especially the 'sneak peaks' and the 'before and afters' they show on the site. So this week I was thrilled to see this lovely house of Yumiko Sekine. It is so natural, though not 'cold' at all. And I really like the color scheme and the feel of nature that this house breaths.

Like some of you might know we have a house that needed a total renovation and at the moment we are working on the bedroom. So far it still has unpainted walls and the carpet from the 70's.
I can't wait to make it 'ours', more modern, more Zen, more 'us'. Don't know if I can stick to the ultimate Zen bedroom like Sekine did, cuz I have this thing with color, but a mixture will work out well I guess. I am thinking about this wallpaper.

The lights for sure I am going to get at Kodama in Amsterdam.

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