zaterdag 25 december 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry Christmas my dear readers!

Today we had a good first Christmas day with family coming over for dinner. The sky was blue and now, as I am sitting here, writing, the snow comes falling from the sky again. It is so pretty! Adding to the pleasure is our warm house and cozy living room...I like winter, but I am not really into the cold that much.

These last days of the year also make me think of the year behind us. And man, what a year it has been! But even though I am looking back, I am more and more aware of how my heart attack has fueled some new things for the future. Nothing really dramatic, but I can tell there is something shifting inside. I can only feel it every now and then. When I am not too tired and not too afraid, or busy with trying new things, like working again.

I can tell that, after things get back to normal a bit, I have reached a new level. Not necessarily higher or lower, just a little different. I am way more aware of the fact that we have to live Now! That some people need (and let not spare myself: I need it too!) a kick in the butt sometimes! Good lord...all the worrying about all the little things...makes me impatient.
I can tell that I let the world hear my voice stronger than before. The people who know me, know that I am a bit introvert, sometimes a bit shy. These past weeks I found myself being a lot more assertive in stores for example. And the best part of it: without feeling too self-conscious or guilty of whatever. I feel like: who gives a &%$#!

Also I feel a lot less concerned about things needing to be a certain level. "Christmas dinner for 8 people?" "Let's keep it simple and easy". "Cleaning the house?" "A bit here and there will do!"
Perhaps it is because the articles and books about 'mindfulness' that I have been reading. Perhaps all the words are sinking into my subconscious and do some work there...I don't know. Fact is: I like life a lot better, living it the simple way.

That's also what this picture is about for me. I came upon this Maria statue on a cemetery here in my hometown. It reminds me of how we are all connected. I see a mother of ancient times and am reminded of the fact that there will be mothers in centuries to come. It is all about caring for each other, loving each other, loving life, living life, treasuring the small and the grant.

It tells me how we are all embedded in the great embrace of Being.

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