dinsdag 14 december 2010


Today, I went to Amsterdam all by myself, alone. I had been thinking about it for quiet some time, but always felt some fear. I still don't really like busy places like the train and the city itself is, although extremely beautiful, crowded.
But: I also wanted to buy us a Nativity Set. I had seen one years ago in the Abdij-store. This store is part of a monastery in Egmond which my mom and I wanted to visit for weeks. But our plan never really worked out due to all the snow we have had over here. So Amsterdam it was today.

How did I feel? Pretty good, as well as tired. I could barely imagine that I used to live in the city and liking/loving it. Nevertheless, I visited without much fear, without my hyperventilation. So I must say it was a pretty good trip!

The nativity set will be photographed later on.

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