dinsdag 7 december 2010

Update on the medical story

December 8th: Let me give you an update on my life with an ICD. So far I am doing fine and besides the fatigue I am picking my life back up again. Slowly though, inch by inch, but it's like Confucius said: "A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step."

My ICD has been readout. Not much was found, although my heart rhythm is not always as it should be. Also the ventricles were not always at their best. So now I need to take a bit more medication. But over a time span of six weeks, my ICD registered something about ten times which is not bad. There have been three weeks were nothing was registered and everything was calm and quiet. We have also noticed that during stressful days my heart was more unstable than on calm days. So there must be some sort of relation between body and spirit.

The cardiologist said there is definitely a relationship, but it is not like: when you do yoga everyday you will never get an unstable heart. But relaxation and light exercise might give me a better feeling about myself and may help me to relax more often and be more aware of my body and my breathing.

They don't know yet what is the underlying reason for my heart attack. They are still thinking of the Long QT syndrome and they already know I don't have Long QT 2. At this moment they are checking out number 1 and number 3. All the others are probably not tested because they are super rare and also because other Long QT variations always come together with other physical failure. And so far I have been really healthy.

The rehabilitation doctor was very friendly and wanted to know how we are all coping with the recovery. A few weeks ago I was very down, almost depressed. I tried to deal with this by talking about it, writing about it in my journal and asking for help a lot more. This worked well and slowly this dark cloud started fading. The doctor was very encouraging, telling me that I am dealing with it in a very positive manner and telling me to go on, but take it slow.

Next week on Monday I am going to work for about two hours. Just once a week, to get started a bit. This scares me a bit, but it is also time for me to expand my world. Cuz sitting at home is also very safe. I am enjoying it immensely, but knowing about myself.....I need a kick in the butt sometimes! More about work in the coming weeks.

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