donderdag 9 december 2010

Weekly Menu # 2

Today was my grocery shopping day, no tompouce for myself this time, just didn't feel like it. Also because I have been a little ill with the flew the past couple of days. But as a reminder for myself and perhaps as some inspiration for my readers (Hi there!) I thought I'd write down another weekly menu. So here it is:

- Raw endive 'stampot' (my girls adore it!)
- Home made pizza
- Caprese salad with ?
- Spinach pie with goatcheese
- Cauliflower (I am going to search for a new recipe)

This doesn't make a full week, and I can make some more with the leftovers I have in the fridge. Sometimes I find it hard to come up with something nice to eat. And at the same time...I am not a real cook and I do try to bring some variations in our weekly menu, by switching between patatoes, pasta, rice and beans and couscous.

How do you deal with eating and having a busy life with jobs and perhaps children? I'd really like to know!

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  1. Ugh- it is the question of the decade for sure. In our house it seems like only 2 of the following 3 'categories' can ever be complete - laundry, menu planning and house cleaning. I can have a clean house and laundry done - but we'll have no food. We can have food and laundry, but the house will be filthy, and so on. It has to be some kind of secret universal law or something.

    I try and plan two nights per week where we eat leftovers (soups, chili, enchiladas, tacos). Or I'll do something like grilled chicken one night and use that chicken the second night in a big salad. That has really cut down on cooking time.

    We also try to do one night a week of appetizers for dinner (fondue, fancy cheese and crackers, nachos) We wait to eat until H is in bed, and then eat our small, late dinner with a glass of wine in front of the fire (a cheap date night)!