vrijdag 3 december 2010


Tomorrow, December 5th, is the real Sinterklaas day, but we celebrate his birthday today in the afternoon. It is one of my favorite holidays of the year, with Sinterklaas-songs, special food like Gevulde Speculaas and of course presents! I wonder what he will get me this year! I will let you know.

The one thing that hasn't worked out so well this year are the poems to join the presents. Previous years I loved writing poems for my family, but this year, I don't know if this is due to my accident, but my brain is not in the poetry mode. Oh well, I just let it go and try with fresh energy next year. But I do miss the thrill of finding the right words, the right twists, the right tone of voice. I just really like language, that's one of the reasons I like this blog.

P.s. I have been noticing that the dates on this blog are not always correct. As I post this, it is really December 4th!

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