dinsdag 7 december 2010

Blogging update at the hairdresser

December 7th: It is grey outside and foggy all over. I am warm and cozy with a Christmas tree in front me sitting at the hairdressers. Christmas? ....We just finished the Sinterklaas party here in Holland.

We were planning on celebrating Sinterklaas on saturday, but early in the morning it started snowing. I mean Snowing.... a good three inches in an hour or so. My brother was supposed to come over with his wife and son, but driving was getting impossible. So we changed our plans and celebrated Sinterklaas on Sunday. My four year old daughter, and firm believer of Sinterklaas, was totally fine with it. "Of course it is ok, there is too much snow for Sinterklaas to come over with all the presents!" Love that about children, they are so flexibel.

We had a nice and fun afternoon with lots and lots of presents which had to be opened as quickly as possible. She just couldn't wait to give the all the presents to everybody in the room. When we went home I asked her if she had a nice day: It was a super nice day!" "And did Sinterklaas get you nice presents?" "He gave me Super Nice presents!" She loved every minute of it!

By the way: this is the haircut I got! I always go for a 'bob' haircut. I goes well with my face, my very thick hair and the color. (My own!)

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