zaterdag 26 juni 2010


I love reading blogs about women who live in Paris. I love reading about their lives and it brings the city I love the most a little closer to the flat land of Holland that I live in. So today, while reading the blog of An Alien Parisienne, I came across this meme. And I have a thing with lists.... so here I go.

1. What is happiness for you?
How many pages can I fill? Endless.....such a hard question, and easy at the same time...

Happiness is being with my two girls (almost 4 and almost 1), seeing them discover the world, language, their bodies, the range of emotions, asking me questions all day long, their total enthusiasm, their laughter, their jokes.
Happiness is also feeling stronger and stronger about going the path that my soul is telling me to go. So today I went to Groesbeek (Holland) to check out about a course on the ZKM (or in English "Dialogical Science") and I can tell that this is the way for guts are very clear.

2. What is your favorite memory of childhood?
The feeling of endless time, of being in touch with the world, my dreams, my fantasies, the feeling of total flow. I literally believed I could fly. Sky High!

3. Do you like the book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert?
Honestly, I started reading with a bit of restraint. Too popular, too shallow? But I gotta say I quiet liked it. Her writing was sometimes funny, her journey many times interesting (even though as an officially trained "philosopher" I have some doubts and questions here and there), and her love story, although a bit too much "blue-lagoon", many times entertaining during the warm summer nights we have been having the past days.

4. What do you think is the worst social problem facing the country in which you are living now?
We just had elections and this fellow 'Wilders' won tons of extra votes. He has some nasty thoughts on Islam and is very short sighted. People from the government are now trying very hard NOT to get him in our government, which makes the guy angry, and all the people who voted for him. Honestly, I don't care that much about him. What does make me worry is that apparently thousands and thousands of people like what he says. Are those my fellow citizens? Really? How in the world can they agree with the stuff he says.

5. If you like pizza, what are your favorite toppings?
Love it: pepperoni + veggies

6. What’s your favorite holiday?
City trip to Paris! :) The trip we took to Tibet came close to favorite, but camping in the south of France comes close to the title as well....the smell of lavender, the markets, the peaches...mmmmm

7. Who is the most annoying celebrity? Why?
The Olsen Twins? Cuz everytime they look like they just cried a million tears and not know how to grow up. Much more interesting are my favorite celebrities: Cate Blanchett, cuz she is stunningly beautiful and a fantastic actress. Or Benicio del Toro: don't you love the way he walks? Or Julie Delpy for making the fun film: 2 days in Paris. Or the writer Kader Abdolah, cuz he fled from Iran, learned Dutch and lifted our language up to a magical level...and...and...and...

8. Is it better to be physically attractive or intelligent?
Experiment 1) PA? Yes please, but in addition having boring conversations, no humor, no development, no sense of perceptiveness...? No Thanks!
Experiment 2) I? Yes please, but in addition not a six pack, beautiful large eyes, bright straight teeth or whatever is attractive? Ok, there are limitations, there needs to be some PA, but to me Intelligence can be a total turn on!
Conclusion: Intelligent is the winner, but physical attractiveness not the entire loser.

9. City or countryside? ‘Splain.
Used to live in Amsterdam for 15 years and LOVED it. Now in a much smaller town, close to the countryside and I LOVE it. For now, countryside wins. With my two girls, having a much bigger house, having a garden to have dinner in, having farmers to go to and see the cows, sheep and goats. But, when the kids have moved out (please not now) and when we made a bit of money....a nice apartment near one of the 'Negen Straatjes' will be hard to resist. (And of course, in addition, a little studio in Paris for the weekends)

10. What do you really think about memes like these?
I like them, they make me think and dream about certain things again. Plus, they are a nice 'writing assignment', on days when inspiration for blogging is hard to find.

I will think of some questions myself in the near future.

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  1. I love your answers! Thank you so much for answering the questions! Also, you *totally* used "holiday" correctly in British English!! It's absolutely correct to use holiday in place of what American English calls "a vacation." So your answer is completely fine in English (just the British kind. :)).

    I am so happy to find your blog, too. :)

    I am off to a picnic in just about one hour, so I need to go and get ready for it, but I will be back to read some of your previous entries and know more about you, Miss M. See you soon.