woensdag 9 juni 2010

Started: Finally!

Yes! I did it! Finally started a blog.
The idea was roaming in my head for quiet a while and this afternoon while my baby is sleeping and my toddler is painting...here I am! My first babysteps into cyberspace. Sharing thoughts with other people over the world.

My goal? To meet with other people to start with. Women out there who love motherhood, but who are also deep and sensitive thinkers. Who wonder about life in general, their kids and deeper subjects of the soul. Of personal growth.

To be honest: I am not a native English speaker. So please excuse me for my (not to perfect) English. But by writing in English I would like to expand my range of readers.

I am thrilled to have started on this journey: and we all know it is the journey that matters and not so much the final destination. Wisdom can be found walking the way.

1 opmerking:

  1. Yay! Your first post! I can't wait to keep up with you here!Congratulations! Much love, Julia