zaterdag 3 juli 2010

Favorite things Saturday

My friend Miss J. from the USA inspired me with her Favorite Things Friday. I love how she always comes up with original stuff and things I have never heard of or seen before.
Me, I haven't figured out how I can make such a nice collage like hers, but non the less I feel like making my favorite things Saturday.

1) HEMA Stationary
One of my favorite stores of all time has new stationary lines each year for the new school year. Every year it is such a treat to go there and buy some stuff (that I don't need at all) but that I love, Love, LOVE!

2) Toilet accessories
As some of you know we bought a house from 1926 that was last rebuilt in the early 70's. You know, green tiles, wood on every wall and lovely retro curtains.
Fun? Yes, at first sight! Not so much at second sight. For example: the only pipes that were attached to the sewer were the toilets (thanks for that), so we had a bit of wetness problem. Anyway, thanks to my fantastic husband and father in law, we now reached the point were all the plumbing is done and all the pipes and wires are fixed! On to the fun part, buying new stuff to decorate! What fun it is to look for stuff, to combine stuff, and to spend money! Let it roll!

3) Lovely kitchen fabrics
Another thing I love (besides the love for ceramics I inherited from my mother) are textiles. The Hema kitchen towels are pretty good, but I want to buy some specials ones as well. I love the birds from Ferm Living or the beautiful line Surya by Simrin.
But I also love these ones from Etsy:

From left to right:
AMS Industries
Twiddle and Tweet
Red Wren Design

Well I can go on and on about all the beautiful stuff I've seen on Etsy, but I'll leave it for now. Time to go to bed and dream some more about decorating!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, Miss M and the link to my blog! I love what you are doing here - keep it up! Your finds are lovely! I miss going to the HEMA with you. I can't think of that store without thinking of our many trips there together. Next time I am over there we must take an afternoon to ourselves! Miss you...xoJ