woensdag 1 februari 2012

Dear Photograph

I read about this site some weeks ago (and am sure that I have seen this idea a few years back) and I love it! Each picture makes me smile and makes me aware of all the stories they represent. Each picture says more than a thousand words right? You can all make your own stories about the people and the places as you skip through this photo-archive. Like this lovely lady in the picture above. What about her life? Her dreams and desires? Wish I could travel back in time and have a good conversation with her, woman to woman. But most of all, I wish I could travel back to the year the picture was taken, 1942. My grandmother just had her first child, my mother. It was War time here in Holland, so her life with its perspectives was totally different than mine. Would have loved to know all about it. It must not have been easy, but they just carried their fate and made it work the best they could. Miss you so much grandma!

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