donderdag 19 januari 2012

Lovely day!

This morning my daughter M. was feeling pretty ill and had a fever, so we decided that school was something to be skipped for at least a day. My youngest went to daycare and I could take a day off from work...and what a day! My sweetheart first wanted to watch movies so I read a good Scandinavian thriller that I love so much. Then I took a nap while M. watched her third or so movie. When I woke up she was sleeping and I read some good it feels to be able to read more than one hour in one stretch!

For those of you who can read Dutch, there is this lovely website by someone who has at least three sites: one on Scandinavian literature, one on Philosophy of language and one on Psychological/Psychiatrical Healthcare. This makes me instantly curious about the person who is behind this.

So what a lovely day I am given today! And it is going to be even better, because tonight I will top it off with a girls night out with a very dear friend. Now back to the book: wanna know who did the killing! Yes!

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