maandag 19 december 2011

Look what we got...

Some of you know it, others are totally surprised, but we are one of those (very few) couples who don't own a car! WHAT? You are probably thinking? No Car? Two kids? A house that needs rebuilding all over, and I mean, ALL over? Are we insane? How do we live? Honestly, so many people see owning a car as one of the first needs in their lives. Which of course it isn't, well probably when you are living in the States or somewhere in the outback of Australia....I will agree with you...a car comes in handy.

But over here in Holland things are a bit different. You see, when we were studying we got a card for all public transport. Good stuff. Then we got a little apartment in a pretty central place in Amsterdam, which equals waiting for a parking permit for over a year and a half. Plus now, both our employers pay all the costs of public transport. Adding to that the fact that both of us didn't have a driverslicense and there you go: no car. Cheap! Very 'Green', very kinda 'highly educated-left thinking-environmentally friendly-alternative'. (Note: all opinions from a variety of people in society, not necessarily ours)

So embrace yourself: this weekend we bought our first CAR! Yes, you heard it right! You see, it is pretty cold to bike with two kids everywhere during winter. They also get pretty tall, so that's pretty heavy. Also, we are relying on other people to take us to IKEA for example. But most of all: we haven't had a proper vacation in years! And we both have such fond memories of all the time we spent during our chilhoods in France and Italy and Switzerland and Germany. That's what we want to carry over to our children. Packing our car and tent and just take off. Where the sun will take us. So look what we got...let's say cheers to lots and lots of happy vacations...

Hyundai I20: Ice Blue

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Your first car! For an American, this is nearly incomprehensible!!!
    Thank you so much for your warm holiday wishes and best to you and your family as well.

  2. Hee, Marije, lees net pas dit stuk van jou. Je hebt het gepost toen ik in retraite zat, dus ik had het gemist.
    Grappig, dat verhaal van zo'n auto. Moet zeggen dat wij ook heel meewarig aangekeken worden nu we geen auto meer hebben met twee opgroeiende kinderen. Ik vind het door het jaar heen totaal geen probleem, zelfs lekker rustig want geen zorgen. Hoe het nu met de vakantie moet, dat weten we nog niet. Dat is echt een heikel punt inderdaad. Heb je geen goedkoop huuradresje voor ons uit jullie autoloze tijd? Wij hebben nu wel Greenwheels, maar die zijn totaal ongeschikt voor vakanties.
    Nou, geniet er lekker van, he? Enne... ga dat ding nu niet voor iedere scheet gebruiken, he ;-)