zaterdag 2 juli 2011

Where is the ocean?

Picture by Ashes and Snow

My dear friend Miss J. made a beautiful piece of art called: Keep it simple. I love it and it is someting so many of us can relate to. Simply because that is one of the ‘spirits of our age’ (het zit verankerd in onze tijdgeest). So it got me thinking again: what do I do to keep things simple?

I wrote about this before in reaction to the website Minimal Switch, which gives readers a weekly challenge. I did some of them, but many I can’t relate to. Simply because it is not a challenge for me. I do not own fancy phones, a television and I do not participate on Twitter and Facebook and all. So I can’t cut down on using those things.

But lowering expectations like Miss J. recommends is a very important way to simplify. Also read the entry by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits. His suggestion: Take your expectations and toss them into the ocean. Have you ever tried? Lowering your expectations , observing all those little voices inside your head that constantly talk and judge and feed expectations? Man, it is hard. But practice makes perfect as they say….(Wait a minute! Perfect? Did I just say perfect? Aah! Were is that big timeless ocean? Anyone?)

I learned just a tiny, tiny bit that watching the clouds of words in my head go by, with everything in it: sunny weather, rain, storms, hurricanes and all, has made a huge difference in how I feel about dealing with all the balls I need to keep in the air one time or another. Just sitting and watching this ‘weather’ feeds my need for relaxation at times, it makes me realize I don’t have to react to all the impulses of the world. It is totally OK the way it is, right there and then at that moment.

And…that meal planning sounds pretty good…will give it a try soon!

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