vrijdag 22 juli 2011

Favorite Friday Song: Air - All I Need

All over the internet I see people who have fun ‘themes’ on their blogs. Through these items they give readers a little insight in who they are and what they like. Many times I really like those items so from now on I will try to post my ‘Favorite Friday Song’.

To be honest, since I became a mom, music is a lot less important to me. Or…I guess I just don’t make a lot of time available for listening. But I really miss it! Everytime I put on a CD I am moved by how good music makes me feel. Recently I read somewhere that music has a very positive effect on the brain, just like doing sports. So let all the endorfines come to us and create some happiness for a little moment in our bussy lives.

The first song I wanted to share brings me back to 1998. That summer was awesome. Friend S. and I went on a trip to the USA. Going from Everett, to San Fransico, to Bakersfield, to Hollywood. We had such a great time, meeting so many cool people.
Starting off in Everett/Seattle with friend Miss J. We visited all the ‘grunge / Singles places and had a fantastic time! Seattle was magnificant; I could easily live there! Then off to San Fransico (could definitely live there!!!), meeting with Jean (Nuclear Rabbit) and going over to his place and to the rehearsal studio. We hit it off straight away. Meeting those guys was great, going to a show by Papa Roach (who got just turned down by a record company). Then the Greyhound bus took us to Bakersfield. We met with Juice (now partly Adema) and stayed with Tim and Dan.

That was probably the best night of the whole trip for me. Everything just completely flowed. Normally I can by quiet introvert, but this time even though there were many people there, I felt super confident. All my senses were open, we joked, laughed, flirted with those guys in a way that I had never experienced before. Loved it!

This song by Air, always reminds me of that vacation and of that night. The music, the video, the couple who is in it. It also takes me back to my youth, when I used to dream of living in the United States. Somewhere in California, with the sun, the free way of life. Sweet memories.

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