maandag 31 oktober 2011

Favorite Friday Song - PhD - I won't let you down (VIDEO)

Watching my kids grow up makes me think a lot of when I was little. Thinking back, music is what made my soul sing. Music touched me deeply from early on and has done so ever since. Don't know if my girls inhereted this part of my character. So far they really like dancing, but mostly to songs from Disney movies and so on.

This song is from around '81, so I was about 6 or 7 and it was love at first sight. Honestly...I still LOVE this song! Although the video (don't know if this is the official one) is totally different than what I remember. In my memory there was this lady in a super super tight jeans wearing white high heels, walking down the street. It fascinated me like hell. Although I had no clue of what it all meant.

This song also reminds me of being in bed already and my mom coming to my bedroom, telling me that I could come down stairs for a little while to watch this music show on TV. It was really special, because my brother (who is older) was in bed already. It totally felt like a gift from my mom. Moments of pure bliss and cosyness. Wonder what my kids will remember when they grow up.

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