zaterdag 15 oktober 2011

Favorite Friday Song - Little Star

Already two weeks behind with my Friday Song. Not that much inspiration! But how is that possible in a world with such great music all over? More than I will ever be able to listen to? So let me give you an update on our lives over here.

Last week on Friday, my oldest daughter turned 5! What a lovely girl she is and how big she is growing! I made cupcakes for the kids at school and in the afternoon she celebrated with 3 other girls from class. We did some art work (making a simple bracelet + decorating little wooden boxes to keep them in) and did some games. The party went pretty well, except for the last 15 minutes, so we packed them all up and brought them home.

What I really love at the moment is that my 5 year old grows more and more into a person like myself. I am not saying this correctly, she is not becoming like me. It is just that her world and my world are coming closer and closer together. I mean in the way like: she can express herself really well, she understands more and more of the world, things that I already know are all opening up for her. Of course there are so many things to come, some good, some I don't want her to learn really. She is so eager to learn, to discover, to try, to express, to embrace and eat the world. I LOVE watching it, being part of it, hearing her questions, her emotions, helping her deal with stuff, sharing her enthusiasm. You know when she was born, I was overwelhemed. I never knew every day of being a mother is mindblowing,. The journey continues and I just hope that I can walk with her for a very long time!

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  1. Last week, I saw a man from Sweden playing marvelous Delta Blues.
    How is this possible? Music. Grand. Robert Lighthouse.