maandag 26 september 2011

Pearl Jam Twenty Trailer

So last week me and friend S. went to see the Pearl Jam movie! It was AWESOME!!! God, we both LOVED it!!! You gotta know that friend S. and I were there, you know back then in the old days. The whole movie was this trip down memory lane, full of cool footage from Mother Love Bone and Chris Cornell and the movie Singles and all the songs and shows. Just so fantastic. This will be on my Christmas wishlist for this year. Still brings a smile to my face. Loved it! And it doesn't really tell anything about the creative process of the band or of the dynamics between the members a lot. Still it was worth going to.
It also reminded me of the importance of good friendships and how they need to be treasured. Simply because of all the shared memories. Because of the sharing they excist outside of myself. Talking about them keeps them alive. And everytime we share good memories we create new ones at the same time! So to friend S: up to another 20 years of friendship! Will there be a cool movie to go with it?

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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing it too - crazily Peal Jam always reminds me of first meeting you (And S) in Holland 20 years ago, more than my now hometown of Seattle. So glad you had a great time! Hi to S too.