vrijdag 12 augustus 2011

Favorite Friday Song - All Night Thing

This new item that I am doing on this blog really fueled my love for music again. All week I am thinking about what I want to share. It really draws me back into on of my biggest loves in life: music. This past year I barely listened to music, that is if you don't count the children cd's we have at our house.

This song I wanted to share with you comes from my all time favorite album: Temple of the Dog. Together with Ten from Pearl Jam it was my bible back in the days of being 17 and searching for an identity, not knowing who I was, where to belong to, what paths to take in life. I guess that the albums that you listen to when you are that sensitive make a huge impression that stays for life.

I love all the songs from the album, but I chose this one because it is one of my all time favorite love songs. I can totally picture the situation. Plus the fact that a pretty handsome singer (Chris Cornell does have a great chest, yummy!) is singing this song with a great voice. Oh well, even after 20 years (!!!) it still touches me and it still gives me a warm feeling.

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