donderdag 28 oktober 2010

Meeting my rescuer: Part two

A few days ago, I got a pleasant visit from another rescuer: a Motor Cop who was at the scene very quickly. He was wondering about how I was doing so he drove by for a little visit. I must say: I really appreciated this. He told me he had done CPR many, many times before, but my story was one he kept thinking about. Simply because I am so young, with two small children.

Another part of the story apparently keeps a lot of people wondering: During CPR I kept coming back to life a little. My skin tone got a lot better and my pupils grew larger and smaller. Nobody seems to understand why this happened and what this all means. Perhaps I need to ask my cardiologist.

What's important for me, is to feel, really feel, how many people cared for me. Worked their best for me! It gives me (extra) faith in human kind!

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