dinsdag 28 september 2010

Update: life with an ICD

Quiet a few people ask me how I am doing after my heart attack. Thank God I can honestly say that I am doing better and better every day. The tiredness is slowly going away, so I have more energy to do some fun things in and around the house. Like decorating a bit and making photo-albums of my two girls.

Last week I had another EEG of my brain (I didn't look like the guy in the picture though). It was hard for the assistant to get all the electrodes in the right place due to my very thick hair. I helped along as good as I could and we had a bit of a laugh about it all. At first glance they told me it looked alright and I am seeing a neurologist about this matter in a few weeks.

A few days before there was a meeting with the rehabilitation doctor. I had a million question to answer about whether I felt over emotional or the opposite etc. He said I am doing extremely well considering the time between the accident and the appointment with him. I just gotta ' keep calm and carry on' and see how I am doing as I go along.

I also had a talk with the medical officer about getting started at work. He was very reasonable which made me feel a lot more relaxed. I had been dreaming about this doctor being a total jerk wanting me to get started full time right away. We decided to meet at October 25th and then from there on see what I going to do.

In the meantime I am enjoying all the lovely cards I got. The second chance there is for me in life. Now that the 'cloud of tiredness' is gone (almost) I feel the need to dive into books, to indulge in ancient wisdom, to cherish good conversations with friends and with strangers, to embrace life as it comes my way. To WRITE. I need to write a lot more!!! I say this in CAPITAL letters to remind myself what I seem to forget to easily!
Talk to you later!

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