zondag 12 september 2010

Little update about my life....after

I have been home for more than a week and I am doing pretty ok. Feeling very tired is sometimes hard, but when I just keep things calm things are fine. My wound has healed very nicely and the ICD is hard to notice in my body. So I am not complaining.

I have been thinking a lot about what has happened. Michiel, my husband, told me more and more about the evening and about the first night after my heart attack. That was hard to hear. Apparently I looked a bit epileptic and I didn't recognize anyone. Can you imagine? It drives me pretty crazy, knowing that he has seen me like that. That my mom has been standing by my bed, not knowing whether I would make it till the next day. Not knowing if I could ever talk or walk again. Michiel told me that at one point he just had to leave the room. I feel so sorry for him! It must have been horrible. Then I think about my mom, hearing the news and racing to the hospital. Not knowing what she would see. She and my brother has been there as well. Oh my God! Thinking about it makes me cry!

Am I weird about thinking more about my mom in the first place than about my children? They could have lost their mother, which drives me insane thinking about it. But my mother could have lost her child, that makes me so incredibly emotional. Thinking about one of my daughters in the hospital, me standing by their bed, not knowing about what is going on.......it must be the hardest thing in life to loose a child. Thank God I am still here! I feel very blessed! But I don't have this ' I am going to change my life around ' kinda feeling (yet).

Maybe I just shouldn't watch my feelings so much and just take them as they come my way. We went to the neurologist and she said that my brain will be healing for about a year. She also advised me to take things slow. Tomorrow we will see a cardiologist. So more information comes soon.

Thanks for all the wonderful e-mails! Love to hear from you all!

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