dinsdag 30 november 2010

Final 2010 challenge

Blogging is fun to do, I have noticed, but it is also hard and sometimes it feels like "Posting? Oh no! Another thing on my to-do-list!" And to-do-lists can make me feel stressful and that is THE one thing I need to avoid in order to keep my heart in healthy condition. But, being inspired by a good friend of mine, I decided to challenge myself by blogging every day. I can do this the official way, by joining NaBloPoMo, but I guess I prefer a more low profile challenge for now and do this my own way.

The kick off? A whole lot of color to brighten up the darker days we have been having over here!

Can you tell I am trying to figure out my new camera? So far I love my Canon 550 D.

1 opmerking:

  1. Yay! These photos are AMAZING! So glad you are enjoying your new camera.

    I'm looking forward to reading or seeing something from you this month! Please don't stress about it though. I'm almost done with NaBloPoMo on my blog and I feel like I have learned that keeping it short and sweet is easy & best. Succes!