dinsdag 3 augustus 2010


My Arabia Pomona series that remind me of my grandparents everyday. They had three of these jars: a strawberry one, a blueberry one (the one you see in the middle) and the one with the bees you see on the lower right side. They used to keep all different kinds of 'Hagelslag' in them.

Dark pure chocolate, colorful sugar sprinkles and the white anise version. (My favorite) They had all the jars, together with lots of other stuff to put on our bread, on this large tray that you could spin around. It was like that for years and years and forever etched in my memory. Together with eating our bread from the yellow plates.

A few years before they died, they started asking what we, the grandchildren, wanted to have once they had passed. Without hesitation I mentioned the jars. Years later my grandmother, who lived alone by then, had cleaned them and packed them for me one day. They were waiting for me at the dinner table. I could tell that for her it was hard to say goodbye to them. Saying goodbye to one of many traditions. But for me it was wonderful to receive them directly from her. 'Thanks so much grandma!'

After she passed it took me a while to found out the name of the jars and the series. But once I found them I decided to collect them and now, almost two years later the series is complete. By the way I do not collect the jugs, mugs, plates etc. For those of you interested, I got mine all from Marktplaats. A Dutch kind of E-bay/Craigslist.

The jars represent very fond memories of the past and their 60's patterns are cheerful and fun to watch everyday.

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  1. Those are so cool. I hope that I can eat Hagel out of your collection someday. I remember eating breakfast with you and your mom that week I lived with you - it was so cozy every morning and we were always so tired from staying up way too late talking. And the bread was sooo good. Such a great memory!